Potable Water Systems

The purification of water is a process by which the water is subjected to eliminate bacteria, microorganisms and waste to obtain potable, pure and consumable water.
Filtration by cartridge: Filtration by cartridge consists of circulating, by means of pressure, a fluid inside a cartridge holder in which the filter cartridges are housed. The fluid passes through the filter cartridge leaving all the selected contaminants retained in it.

Filtration by cartridges is the most recommended filtration technique for those applications whose demands in terms of quality and safety are high. The filter cartridges can be manufactured in different materials, polypropylene, polyethersulfone, ptfe, cellulose, nylon, stainless steel, etc., determining the use of one or the other depending on the characteristics of the fluid to be filtered and the final quality of the same.
The last step of the water to achieve its physical polishing is that the water passes through a device that contains filter paper with the capacity to retain some possible residue suspended in the water of an approximate size of up to 0.22 microns, although in the purifying plants the typical filtering is 5 microns. When the cartridge becomes dirty due to excess suspended matter, it is only replaced by another one or it can be washed and reused.

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