Potable Water Systems

The purification of water is a process by which the water is subjected to eliminate bacteria, microorganisms and waste to obtain potable, pure and consumable water.
Filtration by cartridge: Filtration by cartridge consists of circulating, by means of pressure, a fluid inside a cartridge holder in which the filter cartridges are housed. The fluid passes through the filter cartridge leaving all the selected contaminants retained in it.

Lorena Stove

Thanks to the project that was financed by the Canada In Mexico fund and with the contribution of sponsors (voluntary sponsors), 93 Lorena stoves were built in the communities of Tocob Leglemal, Chapoy, Hidalgo, La Victoria, Ixmocoy and Cardenas.

LORENA is an improved stove, built of mud and sand, designed with the aim of significantly reducing the use of firewood as well as reducing the intramural concentrations of the combustion products and therefore improving the human health of the users.

Dry Ecological Toilets

Dry ecological toilets are an alternative for the care of the environment and community health. They have two chambers (A and B), do not use water, and separate the urine from the feces through the ecological cup.

SS Food EN

  • Team Work ...

    Team Work ...

    Students work in teams to prepare for a large event on December 8th for the Festival de Guadalupe.
  • .. and Creativity

    .. and Creativity

    The events that take place within the organization, use the hard work and creativity of the students
  • Culture


    Maintaining the culture of the indigenous communities of Yajalon.
  • Serenading Padre Loren

    Serenading Padre Loren

    A group of scholarship students serenade Padre Loren while showcasing their musical talent. Padre Loren was the driving force behind the fund-raising to create Yashalum de Santiago Apostol A.C.
  • Padre Loren

    Padre Loren

    Loren Riebe Founder of the Yashalum Organization, Man of God and man of the people. Padre Loren is truly a humble community hero. Padre Loren died in 2018 at the age of 75. His spirit lives on.
  • Community Fund Raising

    Community Fund Raising

    Collecting bottle caps, to support children with disabilities.
  • Performing in the Town Square

    Performing in the Town Square

    Students from Yashalum entertain the peole in the town square with a traditional Mexican dance.
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