The worms take a big role for the production of quality fertilizer, since they are used to accelerate the transformation of organic waste in order to generate natural products such as worm fertilizer, a material rich in microorganisms; You can also take advantage of worm meat with high protein, vitamins and amino acids.

Vegetables and Herbs

In the area chemical products are not used, for the control of pests and diseases are made with the same plants produced in the area such as; chili, garlic, onion, tomato, cempasúchil, parsley, etc.


The project is carried out to avoid the loss of the Creole races that the region has and also for the food of the young people in the shelters. Our birds are offered alternative food such as: Ground corn, adding dry cocoite leaf to supply protein, these birds remain locked in their cage at night and during the day they are let out to graze to supplement their diet, they are also supplied with vitamins and minerals to avoid diseases.


Since the beginning of the organization, the cultivation of organic coffee has been implemented with the purpose of promoting to the producers of the region the production of a quality product to society avoiding harm to health and the environment, on the other hand it is an alternative to achieve self-sustainability of the organization.

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