MTF-Mission Teaching Foundation
Fundación Misión de Enseñanza is the wonderful result of the need for a community and the desire for a better way of life and the lucid response of a person to their request for help. In 1974, Father Loren Riebe, an ordained diocesan priest from Los Angeles, California, offered to go on a mission to Chiapas, Mexico. There, he served for 21 years as pastor of the parish in Yajalón.
SYJAK - Skoltaél yu'un jlumaltic, A.C
SYJAC was created in 1993 at the initiative of Don Samuel Ruiz García (at that time Bishop of the Diocese of San Cristóbal de Las Casas, Chiapas), as a response to the violent expulsions of indigenous communities from their places of origin. alleged religious grounds. SYJAC, from the beginning, works as a social development program with an ecumenical perspective.
UNICH - Intercultural University of Chiapas
UNACH - Autonomous University of Chiapas
IBERO - Mexico City

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