• Mountains of Yajalon

    Mountains of Yajalon

    The dawn with fresh clouds and breezes.
  • Winding Dirt Roads

    Winding Dirt Roads

    To reach the communities, roads are traveled to reach the young people in their homes. It is impossible to travel these roads on a daily basis for students as many mountain communities are along roads that wind through the mountain and are often washed out for a day of two. Many students must travel the road for more than 1 hour to reach their home. This is theeh primary benefit Yashalum provides, allowing students to reside in Yajalon during the school week.
  • Wooden House

    Wooden House

    House of a graduate of the scholarship program.
  • Construction of Community Spaces

    Construction of Community Spaces

    IN addition to nneded facilities, the construction helps to develop skills and abilities of indigenous youth.
  • Stone Foundations

    Stone Foundations

    The base of walls are stone to support the building properly. Because of the mountain rains, it is necessary for the wood to be above the gound
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