• Growing Chives

    Growing Chives

    Growing chives for consumption in shelters.
  • Cucumbers


    The sowing of cucumber in the growth stage and developing their foliage.
  • Chard


    It is characterized for having an intense and leafy green foliage; It is a plant with broad, curled leaves, with white and thick petioles.
  • Cucumbers in Flower

    Cucumbers in Flower

    In the bush there will be male and female flowers, from which the fructifying fruit will leave the cucumber 60 days after the transplant, since it is a medium-long cycle plant.
  • Cuban Beans

    Cuban Beans

    Young people collecting Cuban beans in the garden.
  • Cucumber


    The sowing of the cucumber always requires a guide to prevent the rotting of fruits in the ground.
  • Radishes


    Growing radishes at home or as a school project is a fun way to learn about the growth cycle of plants. The cycle of radish cultivation, from sowing to harvest, is approximately 3-6 weeks, depending on the variety.
  • Cultivation of Cilantro

    Cultivation of Cilantro

    Shallow holes are made in the ground and the seeds are carefully placed; it is covered with soil and the whole seedbed is watered. The seedlings will sprout after approximately 15 days.
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