Accompany and support the integral development of low-income indigenous youth, implementing programs and infrastructures that contribute to the education and social welfare of the communities through environmental and health projects.


Since 1982 a group of indigenous catechists moved by the philosophy of seeing, thinking and acting, begin to fight and make efforts to change the economic, health, education and rights of the indigenous people; so the catechists came before the government in turn to begin to manage a land that legally belonged to the Catholic Church.Later, with the support of the parish priest Loren Riebe Estrella, the "Casa Campesina De La Paz" would be built, where the central office of Yashalum of Santiago Apóstol A.C.
To consolidate this idea, the first board of directors composed of indigenous catechists was formed and the process of legalization of the organization began, with Mr. Gaspar Arcos Sánchez as president, who was in charge of carrying out the negotiations and agreements until the association was legally constituted.

Who are we?

We are a non-profit civil association, founded and integrated by indigenous people, with the purpose of supporting the education of young people with limited resources, coming from the Choles and Tzeltales areas.


To be an organization with high moral commitment in the achievement of professionals with humanitarian values, who with enthusiasm and will offer professional service to the communities and the association to achieve self-sustainability.

Our Objectives

Search and offer a decent life to the young students of limited resources through the scholarship program,
To contribute to the education and integral development of the Choles and Tzeltal areas.
To promote and raise awareness of the importance of environmental care values, through sustainable practices and technologies for the improvement of community health.
Strengthen the human values and cultural identity of young people, typical of their region.