• Team Work ...

    Team Work ...

    Students work in teams to prepare for a large event on December 8th for the Festival de Guadalupe.
  • .. and Creativity

    .. and Creativity

    The events that take place within the organization, use the hard work and creativity of the students
  • Culture


    Maintaining the culture of the indigenous communities of Yajalon.
  • Serenading Padre Loren

    Serenading Padre Loren

    A group of scholarship students serenade Padre Loren while showcasing their musical talent. Padre Loren was the driving force behind the fund-raising to create Yashalum de Santiago Apostol A.C.
  • Padre Loren

    Padre Loren

    Loren Riebe Founder of the Yashalum Organization, Man of God and man of the people. Padre Loren is truly a humble community hero. Padre Loren died in 2018 at the age of 75. His spirit lives on.
  • Community Fund Raising

    Community Fund Raising

    Collecting bottle caps, to support children with disabilities.
  • Performing in the Town Square

    Performing in the Town Square

    Students from Yashalum entertain the peole in the town square with a traditional Mexican dance.
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