• Financial Administration

    Financial Administration

    Administration for Yashalum is a very cost conscious program. Yuri works full time to ensure the accuracy of the books and keeps a constant eye on spending.
  • Work Plans

    Work Plans

    Each area of operation works to an agreed to plan with specific goals and this is evaluated quarterly.
  • Central Office

    Central Office

    The central office is made up of four coordination areas: Direction, education, resource development and administration, where the attention is given to the young people and parents of the students
  • Registration


    The mother of family with typical dress of their Tseltal area accompanying their children to the registration process
  • Workshops


    There are many workshops for the students. Sensitivity and self awareness training workshops such as this one are very important.
  • Flowchart of Activities

    Flowchart of Activities

    Flowchart of the programs of Yashalum.
  • Meetings of Partners

    Meetings of Partners

    There are regular meetings of the partners which includes members of the mountain communities, parents, board members and administration
  • Volunteers


    Visit of the family of the graduate Miguel Gomez Intzin in the company of Sara Dageth and Sara Gonzalez two volunteers with Yashalum..
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